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Boony & Co. is set up by a couple with a mission to change the landscape of child supplement with the best natural organic ingredients from Mother Nature. They have scouted far and wide for the most suitable ingredients to formulate a daily nutrition packed supplement for kids that will deliver all the essential vitamins and minerals that is needed for a growing kid and after some time spent with Kids’ Nutrition Experts and Biotech Engineers, they have settled on two main ingredients.
Yes, you read that right- just two. That’s all a kid would need for all their essential daily nutrition. But it is not just any two. These two would have to be pretty special to deliver the promise of being 100% natural and healthy. The two  that they have picked are none other than Seaberry and Honey.
Seaberry has been quite under the radar until it started appearing on tv and news articles being touted as the ultimate Superfood. Dr. Oz has appeared on Oprah to promote is as the all-in-one superfood and dozens of articles worldwide has appeared before and after to sing its praise. It is not only hot air and just a simple search online would yield hundreds if not thousands of research papers on its benefits for the human health.
The second ingredient is honey. It would be fair to say that this second ingredient would need no introduction. It has been used for thousands of years to heal various ailments and to treat many a disease. It is also a common addition to our everyday meals and drinks.
Now it is Boony & Co’s plan to spread this simple yet robust formulation worldwide for all to enjoy. And as a bonus, we have managed to make this supplement more than palatable. Some would even say it is delicious. Why don’t you find out for yourself?