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Haan 810 1080 Ainaa

“My boy has been taking Seaberry for the past two months, one of the most noticeable difference is that he doesn’t fall sick anymore. He used to be vulnerable to small ailments such as cough and cold and the occasional fever. As a mom, I am very happy to give this product my recommendation.”

Haan, Mother of Two

Sylvia Yap

Sylvia Yap 810 1080 Ainaa

“To be honest, I didn’t think much of Seaberry Crunch when I first got it. I read up on all the benefits and hence my decision to buy it for my daughter to try. It tasted much better than I expected because most of the time organic supplements tend to be healthy but lack the flavor to excite my daughter. But she loves this one and so do I. So I guess we are getting the best of both worlds with this Seaberry Crunch.

My daughter finished three packs on the first day and I had to stop her from opening the fourth. Now I limit her to two a day.”

Sylvia Yap, Mother of One


Ivy 959 1080 Ainaa

“My kids love this healthy snack and have been taking it regularly in the morning before they head off to school. My daughter loves the taste, which is sour and not too sweet. She constantly asks for extra sachets, especially after meal. I’m happy that they are liking it. I’m naturally concerned about the food that my kids take, so it’s definitely a plus point that this is organic.”

Ivy, Mother of Three


Lili 810 1080 Ainaa

“My son loved the taste of the seaberry. I did a bit of read up on the benefits of the fruit and is surprised that I’ve never heard of it before. It is packed with so much goody. I’ll definitely get more of it because it is very difficult to convince my son to take any of his supplements. The Seaberry Crunch is good because it doesn’t take much effort in getting him to take it. Now he’s snacking on it everyday right after his breakfast and I can see that he’s feeling more energetic and focused after taking it.”

Lili, Mother of Two

Aznita Mokhtar

Aznita Mokhtar 756 1008 Ainaa

“Anak saya sangat suka minum Seaberry Crunch kerana rasanya yang masam dan manis. Anak saya mula minum Seaberry Crunch semasa masih di hospital akibat demam dan batuk. Syukur keadaan anak saya semakin sihat dan bertambah aktif selepas minum Seaberry Crunch”

Aznita Mokhtar, Mother of One

Rosnita Mokhtar

Rosnita Mokhtar 756 1008 Ainaa

“Saya dah bagi anak-anak cuba minum Seaberry Crunch, mereka kata sedap bila dicampurkan dalam air dan mereka pun suka. Hari-hari minum, semakin semangat dan balik sekolah pun dah tiada penat atau lesu. Pergi sekolah pun bersemangat saja”

Rosnita Mokhtar, Mother of Three